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With 10 years experience photographing babies and families, Bella Jordan is the trusted Fresh 48 Newborn photographer at both Epworth East Melbourne, and Jessie McPherson Private. With an eye for a moment and a skill for navigating a small room, Bella’s sessions are very relaxed and super quick, resulting in truly beautiful authentic photography.

My name is Bella Jordan, I'm a Photographer, and mum of two boys, Mylo & Otis!  As a documentary style photographer, I'm all about capturing the moments that you'll never get to re-live, and the details that you don't want to forget. I began photographing things when I was 6 years old, I picked up my first camera and started documenting the world as I saw it. 

I studied Art and Photography at college, and at 20 I shot my first wedding. Photography became my hobby as I pursued a career in Retail. It wasn't until I'd had my first baby in 2011 that I decided to face my fears and follow my calling.


I love photography for it's ability to freeze time and bring back memories so clearly! Pictures from your past evoke such emotion. Allowing you to re-live moments in time again and again. What a joy! For me it’s the moments that say everything, like the look of love in a mother’s face as she watches her newborn take in the vast world around her. Every moment is unique. Babies grow so fast, time passes so quickly, it’s so important to make time to document our lives every now and then.

My ethos is quality, simplicity and exceeding expectations. Quality in the standard of my photography, the equipment I use, and the suppliers I work with. Simplicity in the processes I use, my unobtrusive ‘documentary’ style of photography and the ease of my online gallery & ordering system. 

I love my job and believe in going the extra mile for my customers. I’m always on hand in the lead up to your birth, and work tirelessly to make sure that your photos wow you. After a shoot I use composition and very subtle editing, creating really beautiful photography that tells every story, naturally.  

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