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documenting the milestones in your family life

Bella Jordan, documentary newborn & baby photography, Melbourne & surrounds.

One-Year-On Baby Photography

Documentary in style, my OneYearOn sessions are designed to capture your baby's personality, within their favourite place, be that your home, or favourite park or beach! Using natural lighting and your baby's toys as props, the lifestyle session is relaxed & playful, capturing moments & interactions. It's all about fun & good times to get the baby giggles!! 

With a big focus on family, I love to incorporate lots of shots playing with mum and/or dad & siblings too. The sessions are actually more like a mini in-home family shoot with baby as the focus.


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What does a One Year On baby session look like?

The session is basically 40mins of play time! Your little one will probably take a few moments to get used to me being there, so the first photos are of things that you and baby do together... maybe reading and playing with toys together. As the session progresses, parents can often move away a little to allow me to get some close ups and interact with you little one a bit more. Where big siblings are involved, there are lots of shots with them too. I actually take each session as it comes, this keeps things nice and relaxed, allowing me to document a play session! I'll always ask if you'd like some more posed family shots too.... Staging a posed shot can end up with the best candid moments :) 

If baby is recently fed and well rested, that's a great way to start the session! I ask you to set up toys station so baby has a couple of things they can crawl to. Toys that they haven't seen or played with in a while can often be good! I don’t pose you baby, capturing freestyle play and natural interactions is what I'm all about!

Although this session is named 'One Year On' I have customers who ask me back year after year as their little ones grow, and for documentary family sessions. See Family Photography.

Sessions can be in your home, or at a favourite location like a park, playground or beach. Bear in mind they types of shots you'd like, as babies can get fixated on playing on their favourite things in parks and may just want to eat sand at the beach! You know your baby best so I like to take your lead on location. Sessions are held Monday to Friday at a time that suits your family from 9am - 2pm. There is no session/booking fee, simply select and pay for your package on receiving your gallery 2-3 weeks after your session.


Packages start at $480 for the Full Gallery of 50+ Digital Images


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