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Capturing those first moments
with your baby in your hospital or home

Bella is the preferred photographer at Epworth East Melbourne & Jessie McPherson hospitals

What is Fresh 48 Newborn Photography?

Authentic, organic and real, Fresh 48 newborn photography is a beautiful way to document the arrival of your new baby. Using natural lighting, and no props, I capture some of your first moments with your new baby in your hospital or home. I don't touch or pose your baby. The lifestyle session is very relaxed, flexible and super friendly, which helps my families feel comfortable, and works really well with young big-siblings! My method results in a gallery of images that reflect the first moments with your new baby, memories for you to look back on for years to come!


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Why BellaFresh48?

Bella Jordan is the trusted newborn photographer at Epworth Freemasons East Melbourne, and Jessie McPherson Private Hospital. Bella will also visit you at your chosen Melbourne hospital or come to your home after you're discharged. With a genuine, caring approach to each and every family, Bella delights her customers again and again with beautiful images to treasure forever. With BellaFresh48 you can be guaranteed the highest standard of photography delivered through three core values; Empathy, Quality & Value.

When you sit down to look back at family photos, you remember a time, a day, a moment.  At BellaFresh48 I don’t pose your baby or use any props. The definition of the perfect pose is however I find you: baby sleeping in the cot, feeding in mum’s arms, snoozing on dad’s shoulder... the list is endless. The result is a set of photos that evoke happy memories and depict the beginning of your new family-life together.

There is no charge for your session. 2-3 weeks later, your images will be available to view via your private online gallery where you can order your preferred package with no obligation, and no sales pressure. Packages start at $290 for Epworth & Jessie McPherson Customers. See PACKAGES.


I am currently allowed onto the maternity wards at Epworth Freemason's East Melbourne, and Jessie McPherson Private Hospital, as their preferred photography service provider.

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Do you come to my hospital or home?

BellaFresh48 is the newborn photographer at Epworth Freemasons East Melbourne, and Jessie McPherson Private Hospital. If you're not birthing at either of these hospitals, or you'd prefer your session at home I will happily book in a session at your chosen hospital or home.

I offer two sessions: 'BellaFresh48', which is a short, 20min session, resulting in 35 images to select from, with packages starting at $290 for Epworth and Jessie customers, and $340 for sessions in your home or other hospitals.  

And 'BellaFresh48 PLUS', a 40 min session resulting in 50+ images, with packages starting at $480.  For more info, SEE PACKAGES


BellaFresh48 Session - 20 mins 

Packages start at $290 for Epworth & Jessie families. See Packages

Your maternity room can be quite a busy place with midwives and hearing specialists popping in and out to run their checks. My BellaFresh48 session has been designed and honed over the years, to get those beautiful newborn pictures with details like little feet and squishy lips, and those beautiful natural moments & cuddles between you and baby, whilst working as efficiently as possible to not take up lots of your time. Your gallery will contain 35 images from you to choose from when selecting your chosen package. 

Sample BellaFresh48 Gallery (in home)

Sample BellaFresh48 Gallery (in hospital)

BellaFresh48 PLUS - 40 mins

Packages start at $480 for 50+ digital images. See Packages

If you'd like more family & sibling shots as well as the above shots, choose the BellaFresh48 PLUS session. This allows for a wider selection of images, and more moments & interactions, more details and family shot configurations. If you're looking for some great sibling shots this can be the best option, as toddlers often take a while to warm-up to me being in the room. I'd actually also recommend an in-home session for a range of great sibling shots, as sometimes toddlers can feel a little out of their comfort zone in the hospital environment. 

Sample BellaFresh48 PLUS Gallery (in home)

Sample BellaFresh48 PLUS Gallery (in hospital)

How does it work?

After you've registered, I'll get in touch with you by email and by text. When baby arrives just reply to my text to let me know, and we'll arrange the best time for me to come out to you in the following days in your hospital or home. My schedule is very flexible as I spend a lot of time editing, so I can always fit a session in Monday-Friday. 

If you're having a scheduled cesarian, we can book your BellaFresh48 session in advance. And if baby comes before then, just text me and I'll come out to you at a time to suit you.

My sessions are Monday-Friday, usually 10-12, as this fits best with the midwives rounds, but I can come in the afternoon if that suits you better. 

Can you come on a weekend?

I no longer do weekend sessions. As a mother I've decided to protect that time with my family, and I'm glad to say that we're all reaping the benefits of my hard decision. I think there are way too many pressures on women in our society so I hope that you understand this decision and that I inspire you to make the choices that benefit you and your family going forward. 

What does a typical session look like?

The BellaFresh48 session is just 20 mins and very relaxed. My aim is to capture those beautiful first moments, but not intrude on your precious time. I begin by taking photos of baby swaddled in the cot, sleeping (where possible) but awake is also totally fine! If baby isn't happy lying in their cot, I'll do these shots in mum or dad's arms. Next I capture individual pics of cuddles with family members and any sibling shots. Then I'll get a group photo or two. Right at the end is when I ask if you'd like to unwrap baby a little for those hands and feet shots! I save this until the end as this can disturb baby. All poses are totally optional, the happiness of baby and all family members is my utmost priority.

The BellaFresh48 PLUS session is 40 mins long and follows a very similar path, but we have more time for more varied poses, to shoot in different rooms or even your garden if you'd like! We can do more of the fun things like getting baby's feet next to their siblings feet (for example!) Or have cuddles with mum and/or dad in just the nappy, or, if baby's happy, with bubs in the nude. There's time for great sibling shots and more candid shots in this session too. 

Do I need to book My Fresh 48 Session?

Yes. Please register as soon as you can. Registering beforehand means we can book a time slot to suit you, once your baby arrives. No cancellation penalties & no obligation to go ahead with the session. 

What are your covid safe procedures?

I am fully vaccinated against COVID 19 with booster.

I sanitise hands regularly, and my equipment between each session.

I will never visit if I, or any member of my family are unwell. 

I wear a facemask for the duration of your session and follow hospital covid protocols..

I never touch you or your baby. (Unless asked to do so!)

When can I view the images?

Your gallery will be online 2-3 weeks after your session.

When you purchase a package with digital images, you will be sent a link to download your images immediately. 

How do you edit the images?

As a documentary photographer I use composition and very subtle editing to enhance the mood of your images to tell your story naturally. I don't 'improve' my subjects appearances, as I truly believe we're all perfect. But if baby scratched their cheek or something similar, and you know it would bug you to look at, let me know before I edit your images, and I can tone it down or remove it during editing. It's much more simple to do in the original edit than to come back to. If you get your gallery back and there's something that annoys you, like  cable on the wall or anything really, I have a great team of editors who will sort out the issue from $10 per image. 


When will I receive my order?

Digital images are available for download immediately after purchace. You will be sent an email with a link to download your images onto your laptop or computer. 

Fine Art Prints are printed at our expert lab in QLD, on beautiful paper using archival inks to last over 100 years. These take 10-15 working days to get to you. 

Our beautiful layflat Photobooks are printed on Matt photographic paper, boasting outstanding image quality and vibrant colours, with a smooth matt finish. Photobooks take 4-6 weeks for delivery.


What is documentary photography?

Documentary is visual storytelling. The session is very relaxed and super friendly, which will help you feel comfortable, and works really well with young big-siblings! Resulting in images that reflect actual moments in time & memories. 

What if my baby needs to be in the NICU?

Babies who are in NICU are approached on a case-by-case basis. I will work with hospital staff to find out what we are able to do. 

Will my photos & identity be private?

Yes. I'll always ask your permission to use your photos in my marketing material / social media, and those of Epworth/Jessie McPherson. I absolutely respect anyones decision not to share or have their images shared. I will only share with explicit consent.  I will never use you baby's name and only use your first name in testimonials. ​

Are you vaccinated?

I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with booster. I am up to date with my Whooping Cough and Influenza Vaccines. 


How do I book?

Simply select REGISTER to register your details. Drop me an email at or give me a call on 0467 982607. I'm always happy to talk through any additional questions you may have.

Privacy Policy

In order to be able to provide you with a fast and streamlined service, I ask for information such as your email address, and contact phone number in the registration process. All of the information provided is stored securely, and never shared with any other companies. 

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